Stencil Hoss is a weekly (approx.) webcomic (approx.) that updates Mondays.

Here are the answers to some questions no one has ever asked:

Why Stencil Hoss?

‘Cos I create my comics by layering blocks of colour like a stencil graffiti artist. And it almost rhymes with dental floss.

Can I use your comics?

If you like my comics, please feel free to share them or use them for your blog / newsletter / Christmas card / suicide note. All I ask in return is that you leave the signature at the bottom and don’t use them for commercial purposes. A link back to the original comic would also be appreciated.

I have a great idea for a comic. Wanna hear it?

No thanks. I’ve got plenty of ideas but the world needs more comics so start your own.

How can I support Stencil Hoss?

  1. Visit regularly, read and enjoy.
  2. Share the comics with your friends and followers.
  3. Leave a comment on a comic.

Can I follow you on social media too?


What comics do you read?

Here are some comics I read, enjoy, support and share:

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